Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Thesis break!

They told me I could be anything

It's been awhile since last update..hmm got many thing to write but...well kinda tight up with assignment, thesis, quiz...trip haih so busy~ now I'm still working on my thesis..I've sent my 1st draft but..argh don't want to remember that sad love story~~haha
Last evening, there's no electricity in my hostel so I can't do my thesis as friends went out but I don't wanna to so just stayed in my room doing nothing till fell asleep.. feeling like my energy was drained by assignments and other things..
Sometimes I wonder why I'm choosing this path instead of other but then I realized it's all carved by Allah and during my journey I met a lot of great peoples and learned a is not useless or just waste of time but  it's part of life that I must continue living so no regret (^-^)
I plan to go home tomorrow with my friend, Rubiah and Su..yeah I miss my home, my comic collection, my keyboard, my TV, my bed, my gumu.......endless "my" thingy but what I miss the most is my matter how rough thing could be, family will stick as one right? 
Okay enough for the break..guess I need to continue my thesis writing. Guys pray for me okay (^-^)

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