Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Woke up late today as I studied Epimethod and watching Sung Kyung Kwan Scandal last all Environmental and Industrial Health Concentration had an epimethod quiz..believe me it's not really easy but somehow I managed to finished it on time..alhamdulillah~
After the quiz, we had a class, our last lecture for epimethod and you know what? Somehow my brain cannot really digest the whole lecture..maybe Mr Brain is tired..however, when my lecturer reveals final exam format, I'm got kinda a bad feeling as it will only be 4 questions and no MCQ...err I just hope I can do better as this is my last semester..haish..
After that, I rushed to my hostel as I want to pick up my clothes as it's getting raining..sorry friends need to leaves you guys behind~~
Later, after performing Maghrib prayer, me and my friends went out to get some chicken foldover at McD huhu..I'm not a fan but well just wanna to a give a try~the result? Not really my taste and I'm too full...aiyoo~~
warning: empty your stomach before having any foldover..I came with empty stomach too but..arghh it's too much to swallow~ to make it worse, I put my leftover fries inside that foldover..huhuhuhu my stomach...
Oh gotta stop coz I got assignment to do so gudde bye yeom!

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