Friday, June 8, 2012

Habit or weird behavior

As a human I tend to have bad habits and some odd behaviors..just wanted to share and if you guys have it meaning that I'm not alone huhuhu~

- Food - nobody shall touch my food before I did..weird but I just don't like it..

- Book - nobody should read my book before I's okay after I read 2-3 pages then you guys can borrow it (only with my permission tho)~

- Seat-belt - I'll pull my seat-belt as soon as I take a seat..for me it's a must

- Comic - mostly my comic books still inside plastic cover..I don't like it when they're "naked"

- Cinema - I must eat popcorn while watching a movie in the cinema without it I'll feel lost and something missing..

- Outing - Morning is the best, Afternoon is the worst, Evening no mood ~ Night after Maghrib is kinda okay

- Trauma - Just because I got food poisoning after eating unagi onigiri from Jusco, now whenever I hear onigiri, unagi or Jusco I'll feel sick~

- Whenever I visit a restaurant or stall I only order ice milo, lime or carrot juice + milk

- Shopping - I like window shopping but when I shop, I just buy whatever that I've been set in my mind & usually didn't take lots of time..

- Room - I must have at least one glow-in-the-dark item inside my room..I love when I switch off the light but I can still see something glowing and it's green hehehe~

- Room item - everything that originally inside my room shouldn't be taken out unless I'm the one who did it..

Huhu I think that's all I can remember right guys wanna share?

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