Sunday, June 24, 2012

Parents visit

and they took all my thingy back to Rawang aka California..yeah my parents came this morning. They came with my two younger sisters, Wani and Lisa.
wani & lisa ngehehe~

Now my room quite empty and I feels quite lonely huhuhu~

InsyaAllah I'll go home on Tuesday with my friend, Wani aka WSS owner and she lives in Rawang too~

My feeling, hmm starting to feel empty but quite worry about my friends keep talking about marriage, financial, future job and reunion. Little by little I feel quite sad and nervous about all things.

Oh tomorrow morning, insyaAllah I'll do some touring with Ain and Fidah so need to get my beauty sleep now..안녕히 주무세요~평!! (>o<)

p/s: happy birthday to my mom (^-^).


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