Sunday, June 3, 2012


Aiyo~I thought after submitting my draft at the department I can stay away from thesis for a while younger sister aka Nadirah who just finished her internship at Sheraton Langkawi need to submit her hard cover thesis by this week so guess what? Me and my elder sister need to help her as she's quite blur with this thesis thingy..but nevermind, I just help her anyway~
I'm still at home..been home since last Thursday and loving it (^-^)
My younger sister, still struggling with her thesis..well I just looked at her and give a sympathy look (I know that feeling sis) hehehe still she's lucky coz we're here to help her...
During my short vacation, I managed to get in touch with my friend, my Koh Saerah and my achik..hmm quite nice..
My cooking skill..kinda ok but yesterday I messed up with the soup as I put the wrong ingredient which turn the soup into "bitter medicine-like broth" messed up till I wanted to kill someone..well it's my fault because not paying attention while cooking..hehe my mind in the lala land at that time I guess..
Okay that's all..will update whenever I feel like it~


perindu_خلافة said...

untung la ada kat rumah~
huhu >_<

Norlyana Nasrin said...

hehe jealous ye?(^-^)
macam mana exam?

blogtilldrop said...

biiter medicine like broth?? nice name

Norlyana Nasrin said...

@blogtilldrop haha yup it taste really awful till my younger sister wants to kill me huhu~~

perindu_خلافة said...

setakat ni alhamdulillah ^_^

Norlyana Nasrin said...

alhamdulillah (^-^)
berusahalah untuk next paper & thesis presentation~

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