Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Things that I can share with my dad hehe

I don't know why I really love sharing things with my dad huhu~

1. Socks - As I preferred thick sock, I always "steals" my dad's the end of the day he will buck up his socks storage because he knew whenever I'm around  his sock will be gone huhu

2. Shoes - I can always wear his shoes because of same size. Hehe sometimes he even offered me to wear his shoe whenever I wants to go outing (^-^)

3. Food - I'll eat whatever he eats and sometimes even took it from his plate hehe~ oh even drank from his mug~

4. Sandal - Same case with shoes but I always borrow his sandal whenever I'm going to night market because I feel comfortable with it hehehe~

Hehe only 4 things that I can remember for now..will update whenever I feel like it huhu~

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