Sunday, June 24, 2012

To my 妈妈

妈妈生日快乐! Today is your birthday and yet I can't celebrate it with you because I'm in Kuantan..妈妈, I hope Allah will bless you always. 妈妈, you're 50 now but still you looks like someone that around their 30's (>O<). You know that I don't know how to express my feeling but I hope that you know that I love you so much and thanks for being such a great 妈妈 to me. 妈妈, 谢谢你! 我爱你 (^-^)

#妈妈 - mama
#生日快乐 - happy birthday
#谢谢你 - thank you
#我爱你 - I love you

this song is dedicated to you (^-^)


perindu_خلافة said...

sanah helwah untuk mama lyana ^_^

Norlyana Nasrin said...

thanks (bagi pihak mama) (^-^)

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