Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Late update

Last Friday I went back to my granny's at KKB..went there with my younger sister, Nadirah. Well when two of us were combined we always gave others headache..hehe~

I brought my bluecube but too lazy to online~hehe taking my own sweet time at granny's~we planned to go home on Saturday night..actually we already exited my granny's housing area but suddenly Nadirah changed her mind and we returned to granny's..hehehe funny fellow..the thing is, she said suddenly she felt sorry to granny that's why she changed her mind plus my elder sister allowed us to stay longer (we went there by her car anyway)..so we went back home on Sunday evening~during our stay at granny's we watched Down with Love starred by Ella S.H.E and Jerry Yan..it's funny Taiwan drama anyway

At home we continue watching Down with Love but still can't finish it..too many episodes ma~

Yesterday, I accompany Nadirah for her interview in Pavilion..she interviewed for Bonia boutique and now waiting for their call..we also went to Labor Office in Rawang Town..pfft funny things happened..at first my sis and I were kinda awkward when entered the office. My English totally betrayed me here because I can't even speak in correct sentence due to panic attack. Funny thing is, one of the worker is someone that we always ran into at our housing area (he lives two blocks away from my apartment block). Just because he looks like one of my childhood friends, I asked him " Are you Abu Zar?" because he really looks like him..actually he's not and he denied it with a smile..Nadirah silently laughed at me..when we were filling our forms, suddenly this guy singing in front of us, I can't lift my head because I was busy constraining my laughter while my sister already cracked..aih poor funny guy..I tried my best not to laugh at his attic and alhamdulillah I managed to do that till the end..but when we were inside our car...LOL~

At home, we watched that drama again..but only managed to watched one episode as Nadirah need to fetch my mom and elder sis..later at night, my youngest sister suddenly asked me to cook fried rice because she wanted to bring it to school on the next day. So this morning, I woke up earlier than usual and cooked for her..

Today I got my FYP result. Alhamdulillah it's quite okay even though it's not perfect (^-^). Well at least it's better than what I've predicted. Okay insyaAllah tomorrow I'll go for my job interview..wish me luck okay :)


Penmom said...

Stumbled upon your blog by accident. My daughters name too is Nadira :) And she too is a very fun loving person!

Norlyana Nasrin said...

Thanks for visiting (^-^)
Yeah my younger sister, Nadirah is a joker in my house. When she's not around, our house is too 'peaceful' huhu..