Friday, October 12, 2012

Just get over it

Get over it! Yeah that's the words that I want to tell some people that keeps whining. I used to whines over things but later I realized that it is totally wrong because when we whine, we block up our mind to think about another possibilities or alternatives.

Like traffic jam, if we know that some places going to be crowded at certain time so why must we travel at that particular time/ peak hour or just find another alternative such as use another road.

Some people love to whine on Facebook, Twitter etc. Honestly, I hate it. Just imagine, I go online and open my Facebook in happy mode. Suddenly I saw a stupid post whining about trivial things which made me feeling like killing that so call unhappy human...sometime I want to put a harsh comment but..well I'm too well mannered to do that.

Well some might say, " Why not you advice that people to not be so negative instead of feeling angry/ fed-up?", yeah why not? Done it but later it's really awkward when that people starts to whine on everything and expect that I'm going to solve their whatsoever problems from time to time. Honestly, I'm quite a good listener but when it is too much..I don't think that I can compromise with that. I'm a human and I got my own problem which I need to take care by myself so hope people will understand.

BUT it doesn't mean that I don't want people to share their problem with me. Just put some limit and try to solve it by yourself before turn to other people for help because it is better in that way.

Lastly, try to be positive in every situation if possible. Remember we are stronger when our mind set in that way (^-^)

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