Friday, November 23, 2012

Childish Update

2013 is fast approaching us whether we realize it or not..

Oh we need to go through 21.12.2012 (so called Doomsday by some people) before reaching 1st January 2013 huhu~

But what bother me these few days are..I'm just turns 24 on this early November and another month and a week I'm already consider as 25 years old lady~ Fuh time flies~

I'm still at home and not bother to look for a job for this time being because I already set my mind that I want to stay at home until my father is recover. However, my family seems to be bothered with my currently unemployed status. Yeah they want me to have my own career as soon as possible I guess...hmm 

Currently my ex-roommates are planning to have another vacation together..wahh I'm really excited when thinking about it but..huhu seems like I need to get employ first before I can go to another trip with them hohoho~

p/s: Situation in Palestine seems to be cooled down by ceasefire done by Zionist. Feels really sad whenever watching TV, online and reading newspaper whenever there are lots of articles about what happens there. Just hope this thing will end soon and FREE PALESTINE!!

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