Monday, November 19, 2012


I don't know why since these few weeks I've become quite a short-tempered person. 

Maybe because of stress? Or maybe because of insensitive people around me?

Well lets start with conversation.

Usually I speak in quite a good manner and hoping that the person that I talk to will respond in the same manner.


Well we cannot control other's manner when comes to communication as human love to communicate in the way they're comfortable with regardless of sense of respect. That's from my observation but I'm sure not all human like that..well maybe I'm just unlucky to meet these kind of people.

Action speak louder than word~

Maybe I'm too sensitive..,but the thing is, when others keep ignoring our warning and insensitive towards us what can we assume about those action? They just not interested or maybe they don't just give a damn to anything spout from our mouth right? Plus if they giving a "hot" glare when we look at them or while we were talking..huhu bad sign right?


As long as I think my action is right and to avoid them from doing things that they might regret in future, I won't stop reminding and well you know I'm quite stubborn. Just hoping that I will not losing it.

For now whenever I feel angry and not satisfy in anything I just keep quiet and read books inside my room. I come out only when I'm cold down and act like nothing happen. Yeah why should I bother to keep unhappy thing in my head? 

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