Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Update (^-^)

Next Monday insyaAllah, I'm going to attend an interview at Johor Bharu. Just a preliminary interview on Safety and Health Officer training. Wish me luck then (^-^).

InsyaAllah will be there with my friends Azra and Misz.

So now I'm still at home. Let say, IF I pass the interview then I'm going to be trained at Johor Bharu and will stay there at provided hostel. Woohoo~away from home at last (after graduation I never far from home). Yeah I think this will be a better choice since I need to get out from my comfort zone and learn to live independently (ceh talking like never stay away from home before hahaha~).

Whatever it is just pray that I succeed in the interview and get a better life after that. Amin (^-^)

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