Friday, January 4, 2013

Catching Up

Oga and Berubo~
Today got night market nearby our house. Yeah it's once a week night market and it's been a while since the last time I took a step in that super hot night market.

I hate crowd and hot place, that's why I've been avoiding night market since last few months. But today, I got a call from my buddy, Zareef and that's why I'm breaking the habit by visiting night market. It's more than half year since the last time we met and of course a lot of catching up need to be done. He fetched me at 8pm and we walked to night market.

He still working as customer service officer in TM and he said he's looking for a new job because he's getting tired of his job. Well as a former customer service executive (CSE), I definitely clear with his job pressure and yeah you got no life bro! He kept saying that he's too tired and got no time to spend. However, he said that he learns a lot about human behaviors and he's now is quite an expert in his field. He even told me that if I got any problem regarding my streamyx, I can directly call or sms him. Woah cool ~ that's what a friend for ahahhaa~

After spending most of my time at home, I think I need to do some catching up too with my other friends. Hmm should I go and visit them by surprise? Or should I just wait for them to call me or directly see me in my dungeon? Dungeon? Actually it's more than hiding place I guess hehehe~
How I wish my hiding place was like hahaha~
Okay I guess that all I want to update for now..will update later or whenever I feel like it hahaha diva style~ Kim!!

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