Thursday, January 10, 2013


cute Dennis Kane 
Not Justin Bieber or Justin Timberlake. He's way off better than those two! Haahahahahhaha~but I do like Justin Timberlake tho..huhu~

Okay. Actually Justin is a kid from my former workplace. He's only 5 years old but there is something about him that makes me favor him a lil bit more than other kids..hehe~

Justin is normal, active and smart young boy. He always arrives early in kindergarten and play with his friends. Most of the time, I saw him leading his friends. He is a natural leader I guess and his friends just follow without any objection.

In class, he always participate in all activities and be the first student that finished all homework that had been given to him. He got a bestfriend, a girl that sit beside him (I forgot her name..sorry). One day, I saw that girl crying so I approached her and asked her the reason. She kept crying and one of her friend said that she's crying because Justin didn't wait for her to finish her homework....I was like (O.O)??! HAHAHAHA~but I refrained myself from laughing and try to persuade her to stop crying the end Justin came and coax her. She stop crying almost immediately.....(>O<) hihi funny child~

Some teacher didn't really like Justin because he's quite 'arrogant' since he's the smartest among all. But for me, as long as you try to rationalize with him, he'll be really nice to you.

Since I only worked there for only 4 days, I assumed the children will not remember me but I was wrong. Most of the children still remember me even after months I leave that kindergarten. The best thing is, they call me loudly when they saw me talking to the principle. Well if not only because of they cook pork and takes no consideration towards employees, I think I 'll happily work there because I love those kids. When I want to leave, I saw Justin and he call me "Teacher Nasrin!" with a wide smile. Well that will be the last time I saw his smile I guess...

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