Friday, February 22, 2013


Miahaha~hectic since yesterday..

I did mentioned about how my younger sister didn't know how to pack her maybe at 12 am, she'll off to Langkawi for 5 days trip with her colleagues. So since yesterday, she has been bugging me and asking me to help her packing..not helping actually but straightly pack all her stuffs into my elder sister's travelling bag. How I wish she can do it by herself but..well she's begging me for hours so I just help her because can't stand looking at her 'please help me' face..

I just finished packing her stuffs completely and just hoping that she'll take care of her belonging because she's a know what? Yesterday I asked her "Now I'm helping you but later do you know how to pack all your stuff when you want to go home?" I'm sure she'll buy something there and will have a major headache when she want to pack later. She just look at me with a blank face and said, "Oh yeah?! Then how?!". She starts panicking and forget to take stuffs that I asked her before. "I think you should take me with you", I said while shook my head. Well I really didn't mean that..I will not travel until I got a job that my resolution for now..but..well if there is any volunteering thing that took my interest and need to travel why not? huhu~

Back to my younger sister, now she's taking her nap because she'll need to stay awake later but..since I know her habit, I'm pretty sure that she'll dozed off an hour or two after boarding since she's not the one that driving today..well just wishing her having a nice trip with her colleagues and hoping she'll be home safely.

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