Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Social Media Madness

Social Media
I feel somehow disgust by some people that keep posting irrelevant status at Facebook or Twitter. Thing that better keep by themselves or just..well forget about it.

What makes it worst are, these people keep liking their own status..geez how pathetic human can be? 
like this?
To resolve this problem without hurting anybody's feeling, I hide those people status from appearing at my wall. Problem solved (^-^). Well I'm not that cruel till want to unfriend these people. 

I have 2 Facebook account. Yeah the first account opened last 4 years ago and I don't know why I keep adding people that even not my friend. Maybe because during that time I'm so thrill to have thousands of online friend childish..then later after years, I opened my second Facebook account just for friends. I still keep the first account because lot of my primary and secondary school friends there. It will be troublesome for me to add them all over again.

Whatever it is, social media to connect friends, family and long lost sibling so use it wisely..yeah some might generate income by using social media which is good for them but keep in mind that not all people love others keep spamming their wall.

p/s: my younger sister, Nadirah just came back from know what, she asked her friend to help her packing hahaha silly sister..

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