Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Lunch at Hoagies

Hoagies neon sign

Today..alone during lunch time..huhu so I went to Hoagies in Sooka Central since I saw many people went to food court and I afraid I can't get a seat there.

Since I never been in Hoagies, I just walk to the counter and order a spaghetti..the only empty counter as the other counter is occupied.

"I want Carbonara"
"Sorry we don't have any carbonara spaghetti. How about cheesy chicken?"
"Okay, cheesy chicken spaghetti then" with quite a blur face
"Do you want any drinks?"
"How about ice lemon tea?"
"That will be good. Ice lemon tea please"

The cashier hand me an empty paper cup. I looked at him with a puzzled face.

"Oh you can fill the water there" he pointed his hand to a machine beside the counter.

So I take a seat and eat my lunch there. Frankly speaking their service is excellent but...that cheesy spaghetti is quite salty for me. But well at least I'm satisfied with their service.

Next time I want to give a try to their hoagies sandwich (^-^)

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