Thursday, June 6, 2013


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Honestly speaking I'm type of person that can get easily annoyed. Okay let me list it out things that can annoy me most:

1. Not punctual

Well if you promise me to meet up at 10 so be there sharp at 10 or at least 5 minutes earlier. Later than 15 minutes means you're not coming.

2. No manner

Q when you wait for the train or do not cut the Q. Be polite to the elder. Respect others. Is it hard to do?

3. Keep asking out for help

Do not ask for help unless you are already put an effort but still not working. I mean be independent la!

4. Keep whining

What? Others got no problem?

5. Selfish

Well that fish won't get you anywhere tho..

6. People who keeps spouting nonsense

Keep saying useless thing and keep repeating it. Joking is not one of it of course. 

Sometimes I just want to ignore these type of people but well I just can't. So just keep up with them and try to advise them little by little~

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