Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Onizuka Himeko

Hi's been a while since the last basically I'm currently unemployed or positively said that now I'm looking up for another opportunity since I finished my 3 months contract with my previous employer.

So there're many things happened to me like having a dengue fever a week before I finished my contract. Since there is no medical benefits in my previous company so I made a decision to not continue my contract as I need to pay for my own medical fees which is a lot since I often felt sick ever since I joined that company. Don't know why...stop asking why actually that is what Allah had planned for me so just go with it with an open heart~ (self-psycho)

So I already updated my Malay online novel so please take a good read at it yeah? InsyaAllah will keep updating my novel since I got plenty of time at home..well just hope that I didn't get any writer's block..teehee~

my novel Kisah Kita & Isteriku Ratu Ais

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