Monday, November 25, 2013

My Weekend

Like people care right?

So I've been through such a lovely weekend as currently I'm taking a driving class..yeah finally I'm going for my driving licence! Quite tiring yet enjoyable as I'm being such a crazy student to my driving coach. Well he's 3 years younger + same school with my younger sister + he's being a jerk at first but later he changed when he noticed that I can be as mean as he is. Bwahahaha revenge!

The thing is, even though he's being mean and younger than me, he's quite a good coach. Yeah I admit that, he's being strict because I was being a chicken and nervous without reasons. Thing change when I realize that I need to be more confident and I'm doing this for myself so now I just try my best to get my licence on a  first try so wish me luck okay?

Now I've decided to be happy so people, don't even think to bring me down (^-^)

p/s: Looking forward to be a better person from yesterday. Read my novel Kisah Kita & Isteriku Ratu Ais

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