Friday, November 8, 2013

New Environment

Honestly, I haven't done anything since the first day I reported to my new workplace. I've been doing nothing so I spent most of my time starring at the blank PC or just wandering around the lab area. But they said, things will be different once I've been assigned to any lab. So for now I just enjoy my not so 'sweet vacation'. 

My office mates are the senior, Mr Jegan and a new comer, Shafiq who joined on the same day with me. He's lucky as he already assigned to be under Mr Jegan in Chemistry Lab. Most of the time, I'll be in the office alone as he always got something to do in the Chemistry lab..seriously I'm bored till I can hear the sound of clock ticking! 

So today Mr Chua is already back from holiday and I'm planning to see him with Shafiq after he come back from Friday prayer. So hopefully he'll assign me to Microbiology Lab hehehe...

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