Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Boom Entertainment

Kim Junho 
There is a skit in Gag Concert which my family and I will anticipate for it every week. The skit is 'Boom Entertainment'. Start with Part 1, where an entertainer name Kim Min Kyung, in this segment she's a glutton and always involves in bad rumours. Part 2 is for Shin Bora, a singer who always use figurative words to express her feeling and almost never get to sing every week. Part 3, Park Jimin, an actress whom loves to act oblivious part but avoid to act some part as she's afraid of become fat. Lastly, my favourite part involving Kim Junho, a veteran artist but still dreams big. She/He always come out with his doll cat named Jjjanya (Sleep) and singing some weird song but yet addictive hehehe..he always bugging the president and ask for ridiculous things. Maybe I can't describe this skit well but I hope you guys will try to watch it and have a good laugh (^-^)

I don't know why my family always relate me with Kim Junho character in this skit. They said I looked like this guy...WHAT!!!!!!!! What's wrong with their eyesight? 10000000000% NO!!! Maybe in term of dressing sloppily? Hahaha I don't know...I wear anything as long as it covers my aurah and look good in my eyes..yeah who cares about their opinion right? Not a hipster though....

Okay hope you guys enjoy this show~

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