Monday, September 22, 2014

In 10 Years from Now


I might quit my job and starts travelling. It is not a useless journey but insyaAllah I'll enrol in any organization which are willing to send me all over the world doing something for human race. I would prefer to do voluntarism act in 3rd world country or any states damaged by war.

This is something that I've been longing to do but currently I've been tied up with commitments. Debts which needed to be paid, knowledge which be needed during my future journey and my family which I believe they're willing to let me off during that time.

However, this might not be happened if I have another responsibility incoming such as marriage. Who the hell on earth are willing to let his wife travelling alone to those countries unless he's working under the same organization. Doctors Without Borders maybe? Hahaha I'm not a doctor tho!

So just pray for me and keep in mind that this is just my plan but at the end of the day, Allah will decide what the best for me.

Norlyana Nasrin binti Zulkifli
Microbiology Laboratory, Monash University Malaysia.

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