About me

me n azra

Name: Norlyana Nasrin Zulkifli
DOB : 1st November 1988
Hi guys
Formerly, studied in International Islamic University Malaysia. I'm Biomedical's graduate and took Environmental Health as my concentration. I started blogging last two years and kind of love it. I talked a lot so if I'm quiet that means you are in a big trouble. Haha..actually I'm only quiet when I'm sick or sleeping. 
I love comics and anime. So I've been collected lots of comics and most of it is shoujo manga. I love to learn and spread knowledge because I feels content whenever I did that. Arguments are welcome and I'm happy to lend my ears for informational talks. I'm quite outspoken but later I'll kind of regret when the other parties hurts by my words..so sorry (TT^TT)

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